Monday, October 3, 2011

New Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing Delivers Insights for Marketers

Content Marketing for B2B is quickly becoming one of the most important and effective methods for reaching buyers.  According to research by Junta 42/ContentMarketing Institute and MarketingProfs, the average company spends up to 26% on its content marketing efforts. A number that is much too large to be ignored.

Curious to know how content marketing is actually defined and what kinds of tactics fall under the content marketing umbrella? Be sure to read the latest Grande Guide titled The Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing.  Authored by some of the greatest minds in content marketing including The Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pullizzi and Eloqua’s VP of Content Marketing, Joe Chernov, in collaboration with CC Chapman and Ann Handley, co authors of the popular marketing book Content Rules.

The Guide touches on the ever-increasing number of ads that a person is exposed to in any given day (currently estimated at 5,000). And no, I am not kidding! Needless to say buyers (including you and me) have tuned out marketing messages. Businesses today must react by reaching buyers in different, more effective ways.  How can marketers today reach these elusive buyers? If you guessed content marketing you guessed right.

The Guide is full of fundamentals to get you up to speed quickly on the art and science of content marketing including the various kinds of content you can create to market your company, examples and methods of measuring success. To view the guide, click on the link below. 

Have you been successful in using content marketing? If so, please share your tips!