Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Burger King Late Night Menu Spots

Haha! I love the new Burger King Late Night Menu Spots with the King sneaking up on sleeping people and obnoxiously waking them with bullhorns and cymbals. Check out one of the spots here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brand Appeal Among Young Adults - Image Isn't everything?

According to a new study done by MTV Networks, young adults are motivated by more than a brand's image or popularity. To find out what ranked high read the article at e-marketer. Brand Appeal Among Young Adults - eMarketer

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B2B Marketers Turn to Digital Tactics - eMarketer

B2B Marketers Turn to Digital Tactics - eMarketer

Some interesting stats on how B2B companies are relying more on digital tactics to effectively market themselves.

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Candy Bar Commercial For New Fling

Using sex to sell original. Okay, maybe it works...but doesn't it work more on men then women. One would think. So who's the target audience for the new Mars "Fling" (skinny 85-calorie chocolate bar)? Watch the new spot. You decide. I think it's bad branding. "Naughty but not that naughty" just doesn't make the cut for me. Tell me I'll look better in my bathing suit. That's what women care about! That's why we cut calories.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Innovation Wins Even in Hard Times

I am so over hearing about the recession. Duh. We all know the economy is down...real estate and retail are down and unemployment is up. There are still opportunities and innovations galore. Seek out the positive things and you will see them. And marketing my friends is all but dead. Businesses need marketing now more than ever. Smart businesses know that times like these lead to more market share for those who work harder.

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Twitter Marketing Examples

As a Twitter user and advocate for its usage in marketing (for selfish reasons of course as well as some less selfish) it is wonderful to see how companies are integrating Twitter into their marketing efforts and how users are leveraging Twitter for their interests.

Some examples of recent Twitterage (Twitter Usage) include:

  • United Airlines offering special fares, which they've ideally named "Twares" to their Twitter followers. You can sign up for Twares at
  • The TV network that recently put an RFP for an ad agency with social media savvy. A great opportunity for those who are using Twitter as a business development tool.
  • Recently cancelled NBC show My Name is Earl - fans have organized a Twitter campaign to advocate for the show's continuance (see @EarlTwitition).
  • Land Rover using Twitter to drive traffic to see its new models at the NY Auto Show
  • etc.
The more popular Twitter becomes, the more practical using it for marketing will become. For now it's still innovative but then again Facebook used to be people's grandparents have one.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleveland Rocks!

Poor Cleveland.  I love this city and grew up here. Despite all the progress and advancements we've made...people still love to trash us as evidenced by this video. 

We have a basketball team that just swept two teams in the playoffs, The world class Cleveland Orchestra, The Rock Hall, Some of the best healthcare and universities in the country...probably even the world, The Cleveland Marathon, The Warehouse District, lots of culture like the PlayHouse. It's okay to joke. I hear the "Cleveland Curse" all the time. I just hope we all recognize what a great place and brand Cleveland is. It's a shame the people on the outside think higher than the people who live in the community.

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