Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interesting New Twitter Study

Sysomos recently released a study called "Inside Twitter" that I felt shared some interesting insights into the users of Twitter or Tweeters as we often refer to ourselves. For the survey, they analyzed 11.5 million+ Twitter accounts including profiles and status updates.

Some of the study's highlights were as follows:

• over 70% of Twitter accounts were from January 2009-on.

• 5% of Twitter users account for 75% of the activity.

• 21% of users have never posted a tweet.

• There are more women than men on Twitter (53% versus 47%).

• Market share for Twitter publishing tools is ruled by Tweetdeck at close to 20% use.

Some explanations for the data can be explained as follows:

• Rapid growth has been fueled by media attention and celebrity usage and endorsement.

• Those who understand or see the value with Twitter are likely to post more often than those who don't so the usage stat makes sense.

• Some people open Twitter accounts and just follow others or open it and never use it.

• More women in the overall population so this stat makes sense.

• As people come to utilize and understand the value Twitter provides from a monitoring and relationship-building standpoint we will see usage across Tweetdeck and other apps increase.

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