Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Marketing Examples

As a Twitter user and advocate for its usage in marketing (for selfish reasons of course as well as some less selfish) it is wonderful to see how companies are integrating Twitter into their marketing efforts and how users are leveraging Twitter for their interests.

Some examples of recent Twitterage (Twitter Usage) include:

  • United Airlines offering special fares, which they've ideally named "Twares" to their Twitter followers. You can sign up for Twares at
  • The TV network that recently put an RFP for an ad agency with social media savvy. A great opportunity for those who are using Twitter as a business development tool.
  • Recently cancelled NBC show My Name is Earl - fans have organized a Twitter campaign to advocate for the show's continuance (see @EarlTwitition).
  • Land Rover using Twitter to drive traffic to see its new models at the NY Auto Show
  • etc.
The more popular Twitter becomes, the more practical using it for marketing will become. For now it's still innovative but then again Facebook used to be people's grandparents have one.

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