Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ohio Department of Health Ad Campaign = Fail

Really Ohio Department of Health? I'm going to have to call this new ad campaign promoting breast milk a fail. Some even consider it an epic fail - including my teenage daughter and her peers who quote say "it's nasty, nobody wants to look at breast milk"! I have to kindof agree that the message and the image are not very attractive. Is the milk all over the baby's face really needed to convey the point? What's next...showing the breast?
So this is my little plea to the Ohio Department of Health. Please rethink the branding for this campaign. How about something like Breastfeed your baby for optimal health and just show a healthy, happy baby? This campaign is just bad. 


  1. Really? You are a mother and care so little about the health of your child as to teach her that breast milk is gross? For somebody who tries to promote themselves as a health advocate is showing themselves to be a bit closed-minded. I'm very suprised to see this article. Would it so offend you if they did show a breast?

  2. I think you misunderstand the point here. I believe it is a good thing to promote breast feeding but how they have gone about it with the imaging and messaging is not good. I have heard many people complain.