Friday, June 11, 2010

Green Companies & Brands Valued in Consumer's Eyes

I was driving around in Virginia Beach yesterday and saw a sticker someone had made on their car that said "Boycott BP". Sure we're all disappointed and frustrated with the oil spill and damage it is causing to our fragile ecosystem, but I think consumer sentiment goes even beyond disappointment. Consumers are taking an active role. Many consumers simply won't in many instances tolerate companies, products - brands that are not green or at least attempting to be more green.

I wouldn't call green a fad. I really think it is a way of living. A consciousness of the consumer that the little everyday decisions they make regarding what products or services to buy can make an impact on the health of our planet. This does not mean we all have to be treehuggers (no offense to those who do hug trees) but rather it suggests that we can do things a better way by becoming more green in our own lives. To companies the significance is that having policies for environmental sustainability and creating products that enhance environmental sustainability may be a large part of their success going forward.

Some examples of green companies, products, trends that are popular with consumers are listed below:

• Eco-friendly cars like the Prius, Insight, Hybrid vehicles

• Eco-friendly soaps & cleaning products like Method

• Organic foods from grocery stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and shopping at local markets

• Recycling at home and in the office

• Carrying reusable shopping bags and/or using paper bags since they're more eco-friendly

• Companies that make organic clothing, shoes that use recycled rubber like Teva, etc

Of course not every consumer is interested in the green influence but many are. And as marketers we can't ignore the heavy influence the green movement has on our market and our planet.

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