Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The King of Brands in Sports & Cleveland

How popular do you have to be to have your own appreciation day? Where a region (such as Northeast Ohio) cares so much about your contribution that they will go to almost any length to keep you local? Well, if you're Lebron James a.k.a. King James this is your reality.

On June 19th The City of Akron, University of Akron and a number of other sponsors and supporters will gather in Akron at Infocision Stadium to show their appreciation and admiration for the King. Why would a community do such a thing? Because for years, Lebron has been an integral part of our community. An Akron native, he leads our beloved Cavs and continues to support causes throughout the community and bring recognition to the region for sports excellence.

Lebron is a more than a professional basketball player. He is a symbol of hope and a source of energy for our region. He is the King of brands in basketball and the King of brands in our community. Losing him would be an immense loss. For information about Lebron James Appreciation Day, visit www.lebronday.com and if you're available that day go out and show your support!

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  1. You are right on about LeBron being an important brand within the NEO community. But his ambitions, as well all know, reach far beyond the friendly confines of Ohio. While LeBron appreciation is great, fans must remember that the entire team must be supported if LeBron is to stay. The key to LeBron staying is a steadfast focus on a championship, something LeBron has proven he can't do on his own.