Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Facebook the New Email?

It's interesting how many of us are connected to Facebook for all or most of the day. Of course that does not mean that we're just sitting around Facebooking and nothing else. Most of us are working or doing something else while on Facebook.

In a report by Morpace Omnibus about Multitasking while on Facebook, users indicated they are typically doing other tasks while using Facebook.

The survey used to compile the report asked facebook users to select the other activities they engage in while using Facebook. The results were as follows:

  • 68% check email
  • 55% search the Internet
  • 47% watch TV
  • 35% listen to music
  • 29% talk on the phone
  • 24% shop or do research
This got me thinking. Is Facebook the new email? We're always connected to it online, on our mobile phones, etc just as we are with email. And to take it a step further, in younger generations like my daughter's, they don't even use email anymore. They use Facebook to communicate with their peers. Interesting

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  1. I'm a leader for a Youth Group partnership between two churches here in town-- at the kickoff meeting this past Sunday night, we'd sent around a signup sheet for the kids to put down their names, cellphone numbers, and email addresses.
    Turned out that only 45% of the kids even HAD an email address, and we got comments from many of the kids as they signed up saying, "...but text or call me to let me know you emailed me, 'cause I never check it."
    So, when the evening was over I asked the organizer of the event if I could address the kids. I asked for a show of hands for those who had Facebook pages--and all but two hands went up: one was under 13 yrs old, and one was 17 and just "never got around to it". Interesting also was the fact that asking the same of the adults yielded a result that over half the adults had Facebook pages.
    Naturally, the leader was convinced to create a facebook page for for the group.
    Amazing. YEAH-- email is so 2007...