Friday, November 5, 2010

The Demise of the Lebron James Brand

Can the brand of a sports superstar be destroyed in one hour? One only has to look at Lebron James to answer that question.  He went from being the golden boy of basketball to being considered by many as a quitter and traitor.  He promised Cleveland a championship and he delivered an empty promise. Fans may have overlooked his decision to leave had it been delivered in a more respectful way.

The new Nike campaign that recaps Lebron's "decision" does nothing to reposition Lebron.  In fact his commercial just makes us Clevelanders relive the disappointment we felt just a few months ago when Lebron stuck it to us. Below you can see Cleveland's response to the new Lebron spot.  Really Lebron? Really Nike? Do you think you can rebuild the Lebron brand to what it was before the "decision". Good luck with that and if I were you I wouldn't count on the support of Northeast Ohio.

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