Thursday, March 12, 2009

Report Shares Insight Into Effective Marketing Strategies & Tactics

In a recent report titled Marketing Wisdom for 2009, Marketing Sherpa and its sponsor Omniture share interesting insight into what types of marketing work best given the plethora of options available today: email, web 2.0, search marketing, mobile marketing, landing page & website design, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, lead generation, direct mail, customer intimacy, testing and metrics, advertising, public relations and video. The report's information is derived from  real life examples of marketing professionals. I recommend reading the full document but prepare to invest a little time as the pdf download consists of approximately 50 pages. If you don't have time, I've summarized what I feel are the key takeaways below.

Some of the key points I have taken away are as follows:

  • In today's economy don't underestimate the power of personalization - in email campaign, in direct campaigns, etc.
  • Keep things simple. If a customer or prospect doesn't understand your offer how can they respond to it?
  • Use social media to leverage your company and your staff's credibility. It will require an investment of time but one that is necessary to develop your online brand and compete in the online market, which continues to grow exponentially.
  • Concerning social media, integrating channels is important to success for brand building and developing quality relationships that translate into business efforts.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of search marketing: both paid and organic. It works and is a relatively cost-efficient way of reaching your target audience online. To be really effective with search, make your pages relevant, use keywords that have been tested or identified as being the most relevant options and continue refining your efforts to maximize your results. Because search is dynamic it requires ongoing effort.
  • Quantifying results is becoming more and more important. Marketers want to know response rates, click-through-rates, overall marketing ROI and so on. Metrics should be a part of the way we as agency people communicate our successes to our clients.
  • Always factor in the customer wants and market conditions into any of your marketing tactics because if your offer does not align with the economy or customer wants and needs it will be dismissed. Some of our agency retail clients are performing exceptionally well versus their competitors because the way they are positioned and the creative that we are developing for them are strategically right for present market conditions and customer wants and needs.
To download the report, visit and select the Wisdom Report.

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