Friday, March 26, 2010

What Happens on Facebook...Stays on Facebook!

How many of us had a wild friend or two from high school or college? Most of us will laugh and answer "I did". In the good old days those pictures of you drinking shots and giving people the bird were fairly safe from public view but in the Facebook age your privacy is...well how can I put this...nonexistant! What happens on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you're affiliated with stays online and it can come back to haunt you. I have heard stories of people losing their jobs, significant others, friends, etc because of social networks.

So here are a few tips for keeping your public profile on social networks clean:

• Be careful who you friend. Don't allow just anyone to friend you and if you do friend someone who makes stupid comments or acts like an idiot...simply unfriend them. It's not like they will hunt you down and confront you over it.

• Watch what you post. Leave the college frat pictures in your memory box and also monitor what your friends post and if you're tagged in an unflattering photo or shot or tweet, untag or delete it. Also watch your content. If you're a professional connected to clients you should especially watch.

• Do talk about your work although be sure not to discuss confidential information to your network and do not make fun of your boss, co-workers, etc as they may be watching.

It all comes down to common sense. Think before you post and you will not have to worry if what happens on Facebook or Twitter is known to all.

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