Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nielsen Data for March 2009 Shows Growth in Search & Video Marketing

The latest Nielsen data for search and video show continued growth in online use for research and entertainment. It's hard to imagine that just ten years ago the Internet was still a baby. 

According to Nielsen search data for March 2009:
  • Search was up 16.7% over March of 2008
  • Google owned 64.2% share of search
  • Yahoo Search has gained a little ground (1.7%) on Google for a total of 15.8%
  • MSN ranked third in share of the search market at 10%
According to Nielsen video data for March 2009:
  • Number of video streams in March reached 9.7 billion (up 8.7% over last month)
  • Google-owned YouTube is top-rated with 5.48 billion streams
  • Hulu has the second spot with 348 million
  • Yahoo ranks third followed by Fox Interactive Media, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network.
These numbers are further proof that your brand should be highly engaged in search, video and other types of interactive marketing.

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